Weekly Supervised Study Sessions

‘Weekly Supervised Study’ available for ALL year groups  from 1st year to 6th year

At The Carlow Academy’ we offer a range of study courses to help you achieve the grades you want. All these are provided in a friendly, positive and practical setting that is conducive to study and learning. Our courses include Evening Study, Friday Study, Saturday Study, Halloween, Christmas, February and Easter Study as well as intensive Easter revision courses, summer courses and summer camps.

Students can avail of up to 24 hours of supervised study over 6 days from Monday to Saturday by becoming members of the Academy.

Study desks are limited so BOOK NOW to have your own desk for the full academic school (Package 1 below) and to avoid disappointment. Start as you mean to go on from the beginning of the academic school calendar and create a routine that works for you by having your own study desk area to yourself for the year.

‘The Carlow Academy’ employs only trained Teachers and Study Supervisors.

What are the additional benefits for our ‘members’?

The following is a list of what ‘MEMBERS’ only will be able to see, access and avail of once logged into their online account:

-An Edmodo classroom code for grinds students to join online & automatically have access to much more course material to supplement what we are covering in our Weekly Grinds Sessions. This will include extra notes for further understanding, useful website links & videos, past mock papers & high quality sample answers + much more. Also this forum will allow students & Tutors to contact one another via the online Edmodo messaging service if there are any questions, if a student is absent or just to check in on progress being made

-Any important special offers or announcements will be advertised here first to give our members first preference to all programmes due to take place at the Academy

-Be able to see a comprehensive useful educational website links for members to access once logged in as well as being able to view all useful uploaded video clips which will apply to all subject areas

-There will be a S.A.S.K. (Students Actively Sharing Knowledge) discussion forum facility e.g. where students can upload notes, share resources as well as suggestions and ideas with one another, offer and receive support in many subject areas etc. Collaboration makes it easier 

-Lots more will be available such as advice on key study techniques, study templates + samples of best exam practice in many different subject areas are all included for members only.

Please note: The ‘members only’ material is not to be shared with anyone who is not a registered Academy member. If it comes to the attention of the Academy that this trust has been broken; then that particular member will be removed from the login system with immediate effect.

So sign up today to one the 6 membership packages below as places are limited.

You will not be disappointed by what we offer here at the Academy.

Please support our local business and help us to become a sustainable business that serves the local and wider community of County Carlow.

                      Membership Packages                            

(Fees vary depending on length of term for options 2-6 below and are subject to change at any stage throughout the year)

There are 6 study payment packages outlined below. All prices include 24 hours of study per week (Monday to Saturday details for options 3, 9 and 12 below). Also by opting for a FULL membership package below each member will be given first preference for places in all courses run at the Academy, a login code where they can access additional free resources and each member will be assigned their own individual spacious study desk area for the time frame of the package purchased. Members can decorate their own study area with flashcards, mind maps, concept maps i.e. all key study skills exam technique ideas. Becoming a FULL member has these benefits and many more. 

Please note: Pay As You Go (non members) do not have the same access and they may not have the same study space each day/week.

1.      1 Full Year Fee (once off payment)    -For a total of 33 weeks i.e. 792 hours of study for the entire school calendar year)

We will run 5 terms per year throughout the school year. You do have the option to pay Term by Term also on a first come first served basis.

Please note: As places in our grinds classes are limited to 10 students; first preference will be given to members availing of any of the 6 study packages above. This is another additional benefit to becoming a full member.  

NB: All study sessions are subject to availability-please reserve at least 48 hours in advance via email/text message to secure your place for the Pay As You Go options listed below as places may be limited due to our full membership students who have their own assigned desk for package deal purchased (1-6 packages above)

Additional notes

Ø The 6 membership packages must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Ø Term membership (packages 2-6) must be paid in advance of each term i.e. one week before the next term is due to begin to secure your place. Unfortunately, failure to pay on time may result in immediate loss of your place in our Academy due to limited availability. First come first served basis will apply so book early to avoid disappointment.

Ø It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify The Academy via email/text if, for any reason, a student is not attending for study.

Ø Attendance records are kept and Parents/Guardians will be notified via text message/email if a student does not attend study. We hope that all students stay for the full study sessions times so there will be minimal disruption. If a student must leave early, the parent/guardian should inform us via text of this at least 24 hours in advance if possible. Students can only leave at the break times in the interest of causing minimal disruption to other members and students must sign out stating a reason. If late or returning from an appointment then they must also sign in stating a reason. In the case of no notice given for either signing in or out, the parent/guardian will be contacted to validate the request. This is all in the interest of safety for your child so please give us as much notice as possible. Please read our Admission Rules for further details.

Ø From being actively involved in the second level education system, we are aware that students need to have down time before going to bed. This is why we have decided to finish our weekly sessions at 8.30pm. Students need adequate time to get home, have something to eat, watch TV and unwind from their very busy day. Sleep is so important for brain power so by finishing at 8.30pm this allows students to be in bed at a more reasonable time. This then has a positive knock on effect to the following day’s events.

[Places may not be available so please ‘Contact Us’ at least two days in advance to see if we have availability for the session(s) you wish to attend for and if we have space then we will book you in for your chosen walk-in Pay As You Go package below]