Our Weekly Grinds Timetable & Information for 2024/2025

     Our Grinds Packages [30 sessions in total per year]                                                                                

There are 6 grinds payment packages outlined below. All grinds packages below must be paid for in advance as per the price list below. 

We highly recommend that students begin grinds at the start of the year and attend all 30 classes to get the most and best out of the FULL grinds course. Otherwise students joining at a later date may miss some very important topics which have already been covered.

1.      1 Full Year Payment-total of 30 classes 

2.      Term one:  (8 weeks of classes)

3.      Term two:  (7 weeks of classes)

4.      Term three:   (5 weeks of classes)

5.      Term four:  (7 weeks of classes)]

6.      Term five:  (3 weeks of classes)]          

Please note

1. As places in our grinds classes are limited to 10 places; first preference will be given to members availing of any of the 6 study packages above. Being a member has many more additional benefits.

2. Pay As You Go options are not available for grinds. If a student is absent, notes will be kept for them for when they return or alternatively they can be emailed to them if requested from their grinds tutor on Edmodo. 

3. Ideally, we need to have at least 5 students interested in each grinds class listed in order for us to be able to run this class each week so please ask friends and family members if they are also interested in the same class as you or as your child. We will then endeavour to run this course.

4. If you wish to book in to see our ‘Career Guidance Counsellor’ then please contact us at anytime to request an appointment and we will endeavour to facilitate this valuable service for you and/or your son/daughter. 

Grinds timetable 2024/2025

Please remember: Week 1 Grinds Sessions commence on Monday 2nd September 2024

Venues: Classroom 1, 2 or Meeting Room

 [All grinds classes are 1 hour 30 minutes in length]

Click on the links below this timetable to see all the ‘Schemes of Work’ and Information that you need to know for each subject listed below-this includes the list of materials/equipment needed for each subject

**Also if there are any subjects not on our grinds timetable that you need for your son/daughter then please email us your request and we will endeavour to do our best to accommodate these grinds in the Academy or put you into contact with someone who can be of help **

**Also please ask others if they need help with the subject(s) also as the more students who are interested the more likely it is to be added**

Finally, please do not forget to book in for the next term of grinds well in advance to make sure you are guaranteed your place