Higher Level Maths Preparatory Course For TY Students


Scheme of Work for the ‘4th & 5th Years’ Higher Level Mathematics Weekly Grinds Sessions

**‘Algebra’ forms the entire foundation of the syllabus as it can be seen in almost all other areas of the course so needless to say; any student who wishes to do well in maths must fully understand the pure basics of this fundamental branch of Mathematics. This is why we will spend the first 10 weeks on this heavy weighted topic as algebraic methods are applied on both Paper 1 and Paper 2**

Please note the following important points:

**All students must bring their own natural display calculator, formulae & tables log book, maths set and mathematical materials + 1A4 manuscript notes copy**

Finally, EXTRA NOTES will be published each week for students to be able to study supplement course material at their own leisure outside of our tuition sessions. We would ask all members to use these digital classrooms platforms on a weekly basis to maximise their overall grade.

Finally, so that we can all work from the same textbook, all students signing up for this course must either purchase and bring along the following textbook or alternatively bring along the eBook version & access it on their own computer device:

‘Text & Tests 4’-Higher Level Maths Authors: O. D. Morris, Paul Cooke & Frances O’Regan

Publishing Company: The Celtic Press

Week                   Topic covered in each 1 hour 30 minute tuition session [Revision Template]
1Algebra 1-Paper 1
2Algebra 1-Paper 1
3Algebra 1-Paper 1
4Algebra 2-Paper 1
5Algebra 2-Paper 1
6Algebra 2-Paper 1
7Algebra 3-Paper 1 [End of Term 1 Grinds Sessions]-Halloween break (1 week)
8Algebra 3-Paper 1
9Algebra 3-Paper 1
10Revision of Algebra & Exam Questions + Maths Blitz Competition
11Differentiation 1-Paper 1
12Differentiation 1-Paper 1
13Differentiation 2-Paper 1
14Differentiation 2-Paper 1 [End of Term 2 Grinds Sessions]-Christmas Holidays (2 weeks)
15Revision of Differentiation & Exam Questions + Maths Blitz Competition
16Trigonometry 1-Paper 2
17Trigonometry 1-Paper 2
18Trigonometry 2-Paper 2 [End of Term 3 Grinds Sessions]-Mocks (2 weeks) & February midterm break (1 week)
19Trigonometry 2-Paper 2
20Revision of Trigonometry & Exam Questions + Maths Blitz Competition
21Probability 1-Paper 2
22Probability 1-Paper 2
23Probability 2-Paper 2 [End of Term 4 Grinds Sessions]-Easter Holidays (2 weeks)
24Probability 2-Paper 2
25Statistics 1-Paper 2
26Statistics 1-Paper 2
27Statistics 2-Paper 2
28Statistics 2-Paper 2
29Revision of Probability & Statistics + Exam Questions & Maths Blitz Competition
30Final end of year revision of the ‘Big 4’ topics listed above [End of Term 5 Grinds Sessions]