Completion of an Extra Subject (Outside School)-including Polish & Russian

A number of pupils wish to take a subject for Leaving Certificate which clashes with the options available at their school or is simply not available to them, and they need it to adhere to course requirements for college. We specialise in Leaving Certificate French at Ordinary Level, Agricultural Science at Higher & Ordinary Level as well as Applied Mathematics as extra subjects to name a few.

These courses are also available to students who are currently studying them in school and need extra help. We will endeavour to run other subjects depending on sufficient demand for same. These subjects may be started in TY (4th year) or 5th year. Please contact us for further information and/or to express your interest.

We are also very excited to be able to offer up to and including Leaving Cert Higher Level Polish & Leaving Cert Higher Level Russian weekly classes which will be broken into the following groupings:

Group 1: 1st-3rd year students who wish to study Polish

Group 2: 4th-6th year students who wish to study Polish

Group 3: 1st-3rd year students who wish to study Russian

Group 4: 4th-6th year students who wish to study Russian

Please use the ‘Contact Us’ link below to BOOK any of the courses listed above. We need a minimum of 5 students for each subject listed in order for these grinds sessions to be facilitated at ‘The Carlow Academy’. Please check with family & friends to see if they too are also interested in attending weekly grinds sessions.

**Leaving Cert Ordinary Level French is already a listed grinds subject on the current grinds timetable

Day, date & time of the weekly grinds sessions of the other subjects listed above-TO BE CONFIRMED

  • Please contact us to let us know what other subject(s) you are interested in
  • Also if you are interested in renting out a grinds room to run grinds for larger groups or courses during the school year or also courses/camps during the summer then please ‘Contact Us’