Science-Junior Cycle Information

Scheme of Work for the Junior Cycle Common Level Science Weekly Grinds Sessions [for 2nd & 3rd year students]

Please note the following important points:

**All students must bring their own natural display calculator, formulae & tables log book, maths set and Science materials + 1A4 manuscript notes copy**

**Unfortunately sharing of equipment cannot be allowed due to the current health & safety guidelines so students must come prepared with their own materials**

Finally, EXTRA NOTES will be published each week on Edmodo for students to be able to study supplement course material at their own leisure outside of our tuition sessions. We would ask all members to use these digital classrooms platforms on a weekly basis to maximise their overall grade.

2The cell, food and nutrition
3What matter is made of
4Atoms and Elements 1
5Atoms and Elements 2
6Compounds, mixtures and solutions
7Energy 1 [End of Term 1 Grinds Sessions]-Halloween Break (1 week)
8Energy 2
9Motion 1
10Motion 2
11Ecology 1
12Ecology 2
13Structures and processes in humans 1
14Structures and processes in humans 2 [End of Term 2 Grinds Sessions]-Christmas Holidays (2 weeks)
15Revision of sessions 1-14 topics & Exam Questions
16Chemical Reaction 1
17Chemical Reactions 2
18Acids and Bases [End of Term 3 Grinds Sessions]-Mocks (2 weeks) & February midterm break (1 week)
19Structures and processes in plants 1
20Structures and processes in plants 2
21Chemical Bonding
22Magnetism and Electricity
23Space  [End of Term 4 Grinds Sessions]-Easter Holidays (2 weeks)
24Photosynthesis and Respiration
25Genetics 1
26Genetics 2
27Earth and Space
28Space travel and a sustainable world
29Revision of sessions 16-28 topics & Exam Questions
30End of year revision of ALL topics & key exam tips and techniques [End of Term 5 Grinds Sessions]