Physics-Leaving Cert Higher & Ordinary Level Information

These classes cover all material on the Leaving Certificate Higher Level Physics syllabus. Strong emphasis is placed on the exam and past paper questions. Classes are taught in a friendly, relaxed and structured manner that is conducive to understanding the principles of physics. Detailed, accessible notes are provided on all topics, and fully worded solutions are provided for all past paper questions dating back to 2002, the first year that the present syllabus was examined. Some of these may be uploaded to our Physics Edmodo account for students to access from home.

Please bring log tables, past papers and calculator

Scheme of Work

1Introduction, exam overview, heat and temperature
2Heat and temperature
5Light and waves
6Light and waves
10Sound and waves
11Sound and waves
12Electricity – Static Electricity, Capacitance
13Electricity – current electricity
14Electricity – current electricity
15Electricity – electromagnetism
16Modern physics – radioactivity, Xrays
17Modern physics energy change calculations
18Particle physics (option)
19Particle physics (option
20Mechanics – linear motion, forces and energy
21Mechanics – density, pressure, moments
22Mechanics – gravity.
23Simple Harmonic Motion
24Simple Harmonic Motion
25Focus on areas of course students struggle with
26Focus on areas of course students struggle with
27Mandatory experiments revision
28Mandatory experiments revision
29Overall revision, exam paper preparation
30Overall revision, exam paper preparation

Students will be provided with detailed comprehensive notes on all of the above topics.

**All students must bring their own everyday classroom materials + 1A4 notes copy & 1 A4 folder**

**Unfortunately sharing of any equipment cannot be allowed due to the current health & safety guidelines so students must come prepared with their own materials**

Finally, EXTRA RESOURCES will be published each week on Edmodo for students to be able to study supplement course material at their own leisure outside of our tuition sessions. We would ask all members to use these digital classrooms platforms on a weekly basis to maximise their overall grade.