1. Study Skills Workshop for ALL YEAR GROUPS ahead of the HOUSE EXAMS (Saturday 12th October 2024); 9.45am to 1pm


Schedule for this Study Skills Workshop:

1️⃣ The Brain and Learning

* Understanding how the brain learns

* Accelerating learning through whole-brain activities

2️⃣ Growth Mindset and Resilience

* The importance of having a positive attitude and approach

* Simple strategies to develop resilience

3️⃣ Memory Techniques

* Simple memory techniques to enhance learning

4️⃣ Study

* How to organise and plan your study

* How to create effective notes, both linear and mind maps using POKER

* Other simple note-making activities, flash cards, memory pages

* The importance of regular revision

Students need to bring the following:

  1. Pens & Highlighters
  2. Notes copy/refill pad
  3. A textbook of a subject that the attendee would like to improve [however it is not advisable to use a figure heavy textbook such as maths, Accounting or textbooks that are not in English]

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