5. Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths-‘ALGEBRA 1’-Paper 1 content (The foundations of the HL course)


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Mr Niall Murphy, the Founder and Director of Education & Studies at The Carlow Academy, is a secondary school teacher of French & Mathematics since 2007. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in French and Mathematics from N.U.I. Maynooth where he achieved 1st class honours.

Over his years as a maths teacher, Niall has composed his own authentic notes covering all key exam information and topics for the Leaving Certificate Higher Level maths course. These notes have helped his students to achieve their full potential as they are set out in an easy to follow, colourful format where he breaks the most difficult questions down into easier to understand parts. He also imparts a great deal of knowledge throughout these notes in relation to his everyday teaching methodologies by sharing fundamental techniques for students to be able to succeed in their exam.

These notes will also aid students who are struggling at Higher Level and who are aiming for a minimum of a H6 grade so that they can achieve their 25 extra points as a result.

This PDF file of 55 pages provides students with the basic concepts and knowledge needed for this branch of Mathematics as Algebra forms the foundation of the entire maths course.

**These notes make reference to the LC HL maths textbook ‘Text & Tests 4’-Chapter 1**


List of sub-topic sections covered in this ‘Algebra 1’- PAPER 1 package:

  1. Introduction to Algebra (key definitions-the basics that you need to know)
  2. How to Simplify Algebraic Fractions
  3. Easy ways to deal with Long Division in Algebra
  4. How to deal with Polynomial Functions
  5. Factorising all types of Algebraic expressions
  6. Factorising Quadratic Expressions (using the ‘-b’ formula i.e. the quadratic formula)
  7. Simplifying Algebraic Fractions
  8. Algebraic Identities
  9. Abstract Factors
  10. Manipulating Formulae-Changing the subject of a formula
  11. Different Methods for Solving Linear Equations
  12. How to Solve Simultaneous Equations (with 2 and 3 variables)

NB: These notes must not be shared or copied by any person(s) who do not purchase them through this website.

© Mr Niall Murphy & The Carlow Academy

**Plenty more notes coming soon-please keep an eye out for when they become available**