-HPAT Crash Course Bookings


Members can attend this course from anywhere across Ireland and will receive:


  • This class is held online ONE WEEKEND PER MONTH, 10am to 3pm, from September to February, interactively on Zoom and helps to get students ready for this tedious exam.
  • Sample Exam practice under exam conditions will be the foundation of the course
  • Exam review and skills development will follow, with extensive of study of the Sample papers
  • Exams will be reattempted both in the classes and at home to hone the skills of the students and to learn from past mistakes
  • All students require a notebook, blank A4 Paper, pencils, erasers, pens, access to a printer as certain material must be printed before the beginning of the lessons
  • Detailed breakdown of sample papers and lectures on skills development will be an essential part of the sessions

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HPAT Crash Course Options

September to January (ALL 6 WEEKENDS INCLUDED), September Only (ONE FULL WEEKEND), October Only (ONE FULL WEEKEND), November Only (ONE FULL WEEKEND), December Only (ONE FULL WEEKEND), January Only (ONE FULL WEEKEND), February Only (ONE FULL WEEKEND)