Declaration of Health Form Covid-19

  • In the interest of the Health and Safety of all our members at The Carlow Academy we would ask you to fill out this form in an honest and careful manner. If, after filling out this declaration, you or anyone in your family does develop Covid-19 symptoms or are deemed close contacts of a positive case of Covid-19 then please notify us immediately and keep your son/daughter at home by following public health guidelines.
  • Please provide first name and surname. If you have more than one child attending The Carlow Academy then please fill out a separate form for each.
  • Please provide first name and surname
  • Please note that if you answered YES to any of the questions above then you will be required to self-isolate as per current public health guidelines. We are collecting this sensitive data for the purpose of maintaining safety within The Carlow Academy in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please remind your son/daughter to adhere to all health and safety guidelines outlined in The Carlow Academy and to keep a safe distance from other members at all times. Thanking you in advance for your full cooperation.